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12 Pack - Oral7® Moisturizing Mouth Gel - Save 5%

12 Pack - Oral7® Moisturizing Mouth Gel - Save 5%


The #1 Mouth Gel Gives You 7 Hours Of Relief From ALL Your Dry Mouth Symptoms...

Join 500,000+ other people who use Oral7® to feel lasting relief from their dry mouth symptoms! This is the original formula that uses natural enzymes to treat your dry mouth symptoms at their roots... so one try and you will finally feel REAL relief that lasts all day!

We guarantee our formula works 100% of the time (or your money back)!

Oral7® is designed to be the best and only treatment you will ever need to boost dental hygiene and relieve your dry mouth symptoms today, tomorrow, and beyond!

✔️ Soothes & Protects Gums

✔️ Suitable for denture wearers and mouth breathers

✔️ Moisturizes mouth

✔️ Freshens Breath

✔️ Helps Swallowing

✔️ On-The-Go Relief

So what is the secret?

How did Oral7® become the “No-Brainer Choice” for people suffering from dry mouth to get symptom relief?

It is all in the enzymes.

The Oral7® formula is the original, clinically-proven formula for dry mouth. It contains enzymes found naturally in healthy saliva that neutralize tooth-decaying acids and fight germs to rebalance your oral environment. The results? Immediate, long-term dry mouth symptom relief that actually works!

Tube contents: 1.6 ounces